CAIA Sept 2020 Level II EssentialPlus Package (Online)  

The Essential Plus Package is an excellent choice for candidates who want a comprehensive CAIA study program, but would prefer to prepare, practice, and perform on their own. Bring clarity and focus, as well as flexibility and efficiency, to your CAIA exam preparation. With the help of SchweserNotes™ and our easy-to-use online tools, you can master the difficult CAIA curriculum at your own pace. Retain critical information with our Online Exam Review Workshop and enter the exam test center with confidence!

The Essential Plus Package includes:

1. SchweserNotes™ (eBook)

2. Schweser's QuickSheet (eBook)

3. Practice Exams (Online)

4. Schweser Study Calendar (Online)

5. SchweserPro™ QBank

6. Instructor Support

7. Schweser’s Secret Sauce® (eBook)

8. Online Schweser Mock Exam 

9. Online Review Workshop