Dec 2020 Level I CFA® Online Revision (English)  

Phase 2 Online Revision Course
Second phase of learning that uses mind maps to integrate concepts, practice questions and focus on exam taking strategies and technique
• Videos developed by expert trainers:
  -  27 hours of videos accessible 24/7 until exam date
  -  Access the same quality teaching and materials (trainer's audio, annotations, and visuals) as students in live classroom lectures, except swap class service.

• Study materials*:
  -  Mind-map to integrate different concepts, easy to digests and remember 

• Practice high quality questions:
  -  Study smart and focus your time and energy on high quality questions

• Trainer support via email


*Collection of Study Materials: For students who are in Hong Kong, you can choose either one -time delivery of course slide packs or collect in person.
1. One-time free delivery (For office address only): You are responsible for assuring there is an authorized personnel to receive the materials at time of delivery. Kaplan will not re-deliver study materials that are returned to Kaplan. Students can welcome to collect in person and arrange your own courier.
2. Collect in person:  Official receipt must be presented upon collection of course materials.