Interpretation of Financial Statements - 001

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Interpretation of Financial Statements

  • Become familiar with the basic concepts, standards and practices of financial accounting

Course Content

  • Introduction to accounting: objectives, users, limitations of financial reporting
  • Financial statements types: the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, statement of comprehensive income, statement of change in equity
  • Financial statements accounts: major account, liability and equity accounts
  • Financial statements format: account format, report format, liquidity format, classifications
  • Financial reporting standards: IFRS, US GAAP, PRC GAAP
  • Revenue recognition
  • Expense recognition
  • Non-operating items
  • Case study
  • Accounting changes – types and appropriate treatments
  • Earnings per share – use and computation methodologies
  • Comprehensive income
  • Balance sheet classification: current vs long-lived assets, current vs long-term debts
  • Tangibles and intangibles: definitions, different accounting treatments, basic understanding of goodwill
  • Capitalization
  • Liabilities and equity: their differences, priority of claims
  • Presentation and structure of cash flow statement
  • Cash flow classification issues: operating, investing, and financing cash flows
  • Direct and indirect method
  • Case Study

Course Instructor

Ronald Chan (MBA, MAcc, CFA)

Number of sessions

2 sessions

Videos Duration

2.5 hours per session, total of 5 hours


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* Unlimited review during the 3-month subscription period


* CPT certificates will be granted to those participants who have:

  1. Watched all of the video content (based on time log in, log out and video clicks in the online portal)
  2. Achieved a score of 70% or above in assessment test

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