IELTS Exam Drill

The IELTS Exam Drill ensures that students become familiar with predictable question types which enables them to stride confidently forward and seize band 7 score with ease.
IELTS Band 7 Guaranteed*!

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  • TRAINER’S PROFILE – Ms Natalia Mazanova:

    • Graduated from University of Cambridge
    • 90% of IELTS students scored 7.0 or above
    • Understand the needs of every type of students and eager to help them achieve their potentials
    • Strong in delivering test-taking skills and test tips

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  • Realise your IELTS blindspots
  • Repeatedly drill past papers
  • Recognise the pattern linking the 4 skills
  • Include 2 free Mock Test to recognise your levels before and after taking the course
  • Take action! Don't delay & rush to band 7!

Total of 14 hours with 2 sessions in 2-day (3-4 hours per session)

Day 1 (Listening+Writing)

Listening (3 hours)

• How have a solid awareness of context to listen more effectively

• How have a solid awareness of function types and be aware of the problems caused by distractors whilst listening

• How to Amass a range of vocabulary related to processes and descriptions • How to confidently observe conversations where different speakers are attempting to persuade each other and recognise the final point of agreement

• How to clearly recognise signposting vocabulary


Writing (4 hours)

• How have a solid awareness of IELTS criteria, particularly related to the task response/achievement aspect

• How to clearly identify trends when looking at visual information

• How to be selective when choosing data from graph description (Task 1) questions

• How to link ideas using important cohesive devices and master the passive voice

• Understand the different aspects of argumentative essays (Task 2)

• Effectively plan Task 2 responses and construct impactful introductions

• How to paraphrase skillfully and amass a great range of relevant vocabulary


Day 2 (Speaking + Reading)

Speaking (3 hours)

• How to express yourselves confidently and articulately when asked personal questions

• How to use sophisticated language and complex grammar accurately when responding questions

• How to use language effectively when giving a talk in part 2 of the speaking test

• How to discuss abstract topics with ease and use complex sentence structures


Reading (4 hours)

• How to have a solid understanding of the IELTS reading test

• How to quickly identify the most important parts of a reading passage

• How to select essential information from a passage by scanning for detail

• How to Identify theories and opinions

• How to tackle difficult question types such as T, F & NG questions




Speaking: Accurately understand questions, reflectively construct responses and effectively deliver powerful answers.

Writing: Recognise the most important information, be selective and relevant in order to discover the truth and state your answer with conviction.

Reading: Skim read, read for gist and avoid common errors.

Listening: Use pre-listening preparation time constructively, pay attention to word form and keep you guard up against false friends.