SAT Exam Drill

SAT Exam Drill (Online Live / In-person) - Now Open For Enrollment

The SAT Exam Drill is ideal for students who would like to pick up SAT exam skills in a very short period of time. It aims to help students become familiar with the current test questions in SAT and the most efficient ways of answering them. In a real exam setting, our course allows students to enhance their examination skills and be able to overcome even the most challenging of questions. Our Star Trainers provide their expert insight into high level questions and vital pacing strategies.

Boost your SAT score in 12 hours! 

    • Intensive learning, higher scores
    • Tackle high level SAT questions in 12 hours
    • Real SAT exam questions drilling
    • Reveal tricks of the SAT exam from our Star Trainer


        • 15+ years of teaching test prep experience
        • Graduated from Harvey Mudd College, one of the best Math, Science & Engineering U.S. College
        • Proven record in helping students achieve a perfect section score of 800
        • 100% of student satisfaction rate

HK$ 9,288

Total of 12 hours with live tutoring (Zoom or in-person) with 2 sessions per day in 2 days

Course Code Session Day / Time 1 2
HSATED-240201 (Online Live)
Verbal Sat 9am-12nn Feb 24 Mar 2
Math Sat 1pm-4pm
HSATED-240801 Verbal Sat 9am-12nn Aug 10 Aug 17
Math Sat 1pm-4pm
HSATED-241001 (Online Live) Verbal Sun 9am-12nn Oct 20 Oct 27
Math Sun 1pm-4pm

 Please note that the schedule is subject to change due to the availability of trainers, holidays, and inclement weather.

Session  Week 1 Week 2
Session  Reading & Writing
  • How to approach each passage tactically
  • How much time to allocate for each passage
  • How to allocate time within each passage
  • How to improve your probability of guessing
  • How to prime yourself for the questions
  • How to find answers quickly
  • How to confirm your answers to maximize your score
Reading & Writing
  • What clues to look for in the passage
  • How to recognize common patterns by analyzing sentence structure
Session Math
  • How to approach each question tactically
  • How much time to allocate for each question
  • How to avoid careless mistakes
  • When to skip a question
  • How to check your answers to maximize your score
  • What to do when your answer does not match the choices
  • How to improve your probability of guessing
  • How to use your calculator properly

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