SAT Intensive Course

The SAT is taken by high school students who wish to pursue higher education in the United States.

Who Should Take The SAT?
The SAT is taken by high school students who wish to pursue higher education in the United States. 

What makes Kaplan's SAT program unique?

  • Founded in 1938, with 80 years of test prep experience, helping more than 3 million individuals globally achieve their educational and career goals through programs

  • Proven score-boosting strategies with the highest score improvement of SAT +200

  • 6-month unlimited Kaplan online resources that include access to Kaplan’s proprietary adaptive online tools with the following features:
    • 8 full-length practice tests
    • On-demand instructor-led video sessions with guidance and Kaplan strategies for each section of the exam
    • Personalized homepage and recommendations based on results from the performance of each practice test taken

  • The Best Kaplan Instructors
    • Instructors have been given the highest ratings for teaching effectiveness by students
    • Instructors attended top-tier American schools and have undergone extensive Kaplan training
    • Interactive and small classes provide a personalized teaching environment with a focus on key concepts and exam strategies


    • 15+ years of teaching test prep experience
    • Graduated from Harvey Mudd College, one of the best Math, Science & Engineering U.S. College
    • Proven record in helping students achieve a perfect section score of 800
    • 100% of student satisfaction rate

HK$ 15,800

  • U.S. Test Prep Pioneer with 80 years+ of test prep experience
  • Highest score improvement: SAT +200
  • 100% Student Satisfaction Rate
  • Exclusive Kaplan U.S. course materials
  • Onsite Catch-up Video 
  • Flexible swap: Two swap-class arrangement to accommodate student’s schedule (subject to course availability and capacity)
  • Interactive learning environment with small class experience
  • 20 Hours of classroom instruction with a total of 10 sessions 
  • Exclusive Kaplan U.S. course materials
  • 6-month SAT Online Asset Account via mobile, tablet and desktop, ensuring you have the freedom to study anywhere, any time. Features include the following:
    • 30+ hours of extensive out-of-class, on-demand instructional videos
    • Over hundreds of online questions
    • 8 full-length computer-adaptive tests
    • The SAT Channel (Kaplan Exclusive):  Recorded sessions view on your own schedule. Elective live instruction sessions with Kaplan All-Star teachers and targeted learning that will help you focus on the topics you need most.