LE Paper 1 Qbank

Highlights of LE Paper 1 Qbank
  • Written and reviewed by high scorers
  • Fast paced learning through practicing highest-yield, most challenging questions
  • Representative exam question types fo roptimal eam preparation
  • "No lectures" method suitable for seasoned market practitioners
1. Hundreds of practice questions, just enough quality questions that you can practice over lunch hour, more effective and efficient than large pool of low quality questions you see in market
2. Unlimited practice during 30-day# subscription period, all online subscriptions commence at 00:00 of starting date and expire at 23:59 of ending date (all in HK time)
3. Questions categorized by topics
4. Answer key and explanation
5. Score Reports
* Students will receive their username and password within 2 working days prior to indicated start date of the online subscription (Kaplan office working days: Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm)
# Subscription period starts to run for 30 days from the indicated start date. No alternation of the start date is allowed, regardless of time spent in the course and whether or not you have accessed the course.

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HK$ 2,700