(Classroom + Online Recap) New QP Module 13 Platinum Package [Taky Lo]

Lecturer's introduction

  • Programme Director and Star Lecturer of Kaplan Financial - Accountancy
  • Excellent presentation skills and use of extensive real-life examples
  • Focus on analyzing examiner’s requirements and how to structure the answer to pass M13
  • Lecturer of M13 / Capstone for PwC, KPMG and EY

Education Course (42 hours)

  • Guide you through how to study M13 Learning Pack (LP) which contains very useful information related to the coming exam session
  • Build up the knowledge through study of the tailor-made notes and LP, with the aid of flowcharts, summary tables and various acronym

Revision Course (36 hours)

  • Practise the pilot paper and various M13/QPC past papers with you in order to familiarize with every detailed exam technique required to pass M13 examination
  • Teach you how to use the LP to tackle the M13 examination, as well as to predict which areas in LP will come up in your exam session

Medium of Instruction

  • Cantonese


  • 78 hours

We provide eLearning service that can support you to learn anytime, anywhere!

  • Complimentary eLearning Platform Access
  • Collect the printed materials during class
  • Online recap videos of selected sessions available


Only hard copy of materials will be provided and all course materials will not be uploaded to the online learning platform. And The classroom sessions maybe replaced by live streaming/ pre-recorded sessions when the pandemic situation is diteriorate.

Demo Lecture

This package included Education course, Revision course and 2 Mock Papers.
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HK$ 9,890

▪ Education + Revision  + 2 Mock Papers

▪ Recap updated knowledge of new areas

▪ Extensive practice of QP past exam questions & practice questions to enhance your answer planning an critical thinking ability

▪ One Mock Paper to polish exam techniques